NEW WORLD MONKEY FOUNDATION A monkey sanctuary based in Edenvale doing amazing work in and around the monkey community they have more then 150 monkeys in there care

MISSION : To inform potential owners of all the facts surrounding owning a primate so that they can make an informed decision before bringing a primate into their homes

to assist with rehoming of unwanted primates and place them in qualified,lifelong loving assist with the rescue of abused and neglected primates to assist recognized places of safety and care with donations

VISION : To truly think outside the cage to a time ahead where there are no more abused and neglected primates and only responsible primate owners.To be committed to the nurturing and promotion of primate-human awareness and to create a community and teamwork

DONATIONS: New World Primate Foundation, First National Bank: 62819633018 For food/blankets/building material contact Jaime Silva at 82 442 4600