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Our Mission,Vision & our Company's core business values

  • About Absolute Exotics SA
  • Absolute Exotics SA is a proudly local brand and consultancy that specializes in exotic animals and healthy pet lifestyles. We have a completely unique business model that is solely based around animal care and exotic pet education.

    Our team does an extensive amount of research and works hand in hand with sanctuaries, exotic pet owners, breeders, parks, and various other non-profitable organizations, to provide you with the correct information with more than 200 informative how to guides and articles already published and available to the public at large.

  • Absolute Exotics SA’s mission
  • Since our online platform/website launch back in 2020 it’s been our mission to make the correct exotic pet care information accessible to the public 24/7 for free and available to anyone with internet access.

    Our Brand truly believes that the correct information and exotic pet education is key to successfully keep any exotic pet as a pet and plays a vital role in providing any exotic animal with a healthy, happy lifestyle.

  • Absolute Exotics SA’s vision
  • It is our vision through our unique ground-breaking and innovative methods, to raise awareness about the importance of providing the correct care and healthy lifestyles for exotic pets. It's our aim to educate and increase the public's knowledge about exotic animals and how to provide them with a happy, healthy lifestyle. As pets owners we place an emphasis on education and animal care. We want to be recognized as an example of high standards in the health and wellness of these animals and treat them with the love and attention that they deserve.

  • Absolute Exotics SA’s core business values
  • We pride ourselves in practicing and applying basic ethical- and moral-values, compassion for life, integrity, and due care in all services we provide. Our core values and all business practices are based around animal care and exotic pet education.