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Conures are a very diverse group of different large parakeets, or small parrots that are native to Central and South America. Slightly larger than the average parakeet, conures are very lightweight with long tails and small, but very strong black or grey beaks.

These energetic birds are almost constantly seeking attention and will exhibit behaviours such as hanging upside down, dancing or swaying back and forth to attract the eye and grab your attention. A few of the more common variety of conures are the Green-cheeked conure, Belly conure and the Sun conures.

Conures come in a different array of colouring with their plumage and usually travel in flocks of 20 or more birds. Their average life expectancy is around 20 or 25 years and many conures will molt to remove feathers as they grow all the way until they reach full maturity.

Besides the usual pellet and seed mixes that you can buy to feed birds, most fruits and vegetables that you keep around the home are also perfectly safe for them to eat. There are some exceptions, such as avocado, chocolate, salty food or nuts, sugar, alcohol and fatty foods. These foods can be very harmful, and possibly deadly to your birds.

The conure is very skilled and can learn to sing and even can exhibit the ability to paint. The family movie, Paulie, featured and starred a Blue-Crowned conure.

A blue-crowned conure was the star of the family movie Paulie. The film used 14 different birds.

The conure is known to have the ability to perform several art forms. Typically skills include singing and on occasion the ability to paint.

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