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Skinny Pigs

Skinny pigs are an almost hairless breed of guinea pig that are fast growing in popularity as pets. They usually only have a little hair on their legs and feet and also their muzzles, but, other than that, are completely hairless.

Skinny pigs are not that much different from normal guinea pigs, besides the fact that they usually eat more so that they can maintain their body heat. Due to their lack of hair, their skin is also very sensitive and, just like humans, they can be quite badly sunburnt. Skinny pigs should typically be kept in an enclosure inside, owing to this fact. It is also important to make sure that your furless friend has some type of blanket, along with their nesting materials, to help to conserve heat.

Skinny pigs are startled very easily, and depending on the threat, they will either freeze in place, or run for cover in a zigzag pattern to evade their attackers. These are also very social animals, and can sometimes be seen performing little hops when they are happy or excited.

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