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Corn Snakes

Corn snakes, coming in a variety of different colourings and patterning, can reach a body length of anywhere between 61-182cm. The distinctive, nearly checkered pattern of the belly scales of this snake could be one of the reasons for the origin of its snakes name. This checkered pattern resembles the kernels of corn and this reference to corn has become a useful tool in the identifying of these snakes.

These snakes have a relatively short lifespan in the wild, only 6-8 years, but in captivity, they can live anywhere up to 23 years or more. The oldest recorded corn snake lived for an astounding 32 years and 3 months.

Like all snakes, corn snakes are carnivores and will eat every few days. While corn snakes eat mostly small rodents, in the wild they can also eat other reptiles or amphibians, or even raid birds nests for the unguarded eggs. Generations of selective breeding has led to a variety of patterning and colours in corn snakes - with new variations becoming available every year as breeders understand more about the genetics

Because of their small size, as well as their calmness and toleration of extended periods of handling, corn snakes are one of the most popular snakes to keep as pets.

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