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5 Essential Tips for Cleaning Your Capuchin's Enclosure

Properly cleaning your capuchin's enclosure is crucial for maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment for your primate companion.

Best Toys for Your Pet Capuchin

Capuchin monkeys are intelligent and playful creatures that make for wonderful companions.

bees and how to handle it with primates

Bees are Very Dangerous to Monkeys and if you have a bee problem, you should get professional

Anemia in monkeys

whether they are cooked, raw or even powdered, it is a well known fact that like chocolate, Onions are bad for all varieties of pets

scratch fever in primates

As the name suggests, cat scratch disease (or cat scratch fever) is a bacterial infection

Biting and Aggression in New World Monkeys

Aggressive behaviour is a part of being a monkey. it is a natural behaviour and
Marmoset Monkey

A Healthy Diet Plan for your Capuchin Monkey

A list of foods for a carefully balanced diet for your Capuchin Monkey
Marmoset Monkey

hotel etiquette while traveling with your monkey

When traveling in & out of the hotel always use a cage or carrier. This minimizes risk of public contact & a accident
Marmoset Monkey

Poisonous and Safe Plants for Capuchin Monkeys

A list of dangerous and beneficial plants for Capuchin Monkeys
Capuchin Monkey

Capuchin Monkey Care 101

Everything you need to know about having and caring for a Capuchin Monkey pet.
Capuchin Monkey

Fascinating Facts About Pet Capuchin Monkeys

If you're considering adopting a capuchin monkey or simply curious about these fascinating primates, this article will uncover some interesting facts about pet capuchin monkeys.
Capuchin Monkey

How to Determine the Gender of Your Capuchin Monkey

If you're a proud owner of a capuchin monkey or planning to adopt one, being able to distinguish between male and female individuals is important for their care and management.
Capuchin Monkey

Adopting a Capuchin Monkey: A Life-Changing Decision that Demands Education and Responsibility

adopting a pet Capuchin monkey is a life-changing decision that requires careful consideration and a commitment to understanding the unique needs and responsibilities that come with it..
Capuchin Monkey

Decoding the Language of Capuchin Monkeys: Sounds, Body Language, and Universal Monkey Communication

Capuchin monkeys possess a rich repertoire of sounds, gestures, and body language that enable them to express a wide range of emotions and convey messages to their fellow monkeys and human caregivers.
Capuchin Monkey

Diaper Training for Baby Capuchin Monkeys: A Guide to Successful and Hygienic Pet Care

Diaper training is an essential aspect of caring for a pet baby Capuchin monkey. As these adorable primates grow and develop,
Capuchin Monkey

Keeping Your Pet Capuchin Monkey Entertained and Stimulated: Tips for Enriching their Lives

it's essential to provide an environment that keeps your Capuchin monkey engaged, entertained, and mentally stimulated
Capuchin Monkey

Establishing Yourself as the Troupe Leader: The Importance of Being in Control of Your Pet Capuchin Monkey

Owning a pet Capuchin monkey comes with great responsibility, including the need to establish yourself as the troupe leader.
Capuchin Monkey

Understanding the Risk: Why Pet Capuchin Monkeys Are Prone to Human Infections and the Importance of Isolation

Capuchin monkeys can bring immense joy and companionship to our lives, but it's important to recognize that they can be highly susceptible to human infections and diseases.
Capuchin Monkey

Understanding Why Pet Capuchin Monkeys Bite: Exploring Aggression in New World Monkeys

Capuchin monkeys can make fascinating and intelligent pets, it is important to understand that they have the potential to exhibit aggressive behaviors,.
Capuchin Monkey

Training Your Pet Capuchin Monkey: Teaching Basic Commands and Behavior

Training your pet Capuchin monkey is an essential part of their development and ensures a harmonious relationship between you and your furry companion.

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