How to look after a Cockatiel


My Cockatiel is Constipated

If your cockatiel is not very active, does not get enough exercise and eats a lot, obesity can cause constipation

Regurgitation in Cockatiels

Why do Cockatiels regurgitate and when can it indicate a problem?


Beak Problems on Cockatiels

A good healthy beak is mandatory for all Cockatiel owners to watch out for.

Cockatiel Diet and Nutrition

The most important factor to consider on your cockatiel's nutrition and diet is variety.

Cockatiel Training Tips

How to train your Cockatiel in easy steps.


Cockatiel Feather Picking

Is your Cockatiel picking out all its feathers? Here's some advice.


Cockatiel Screaming Too Much?

Does your Cockatiel frighten the whole neighborhood with its screaming too much?

Is My Cockatiel a Boy or a Girl?

How to find out the gender of your Cockatiel.


Cockatiel 101

A quick facts sheet about Cockatiels. All you ever wanted to know about them.

How Do I Know When My Cockatiel is Sick?

Do you think your Cockatiel is unwell? Look out for these symptoms.

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