capuchin monkey

Capuchin Monkeys

The capuchin monkey can be found in various places, such as Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Paraguay and Peru. They can reach a length of 30-56cm and can weigh anywhere between 1.4-4kgs. Owing to their dark brown colouring, with a creamy white collar around their necks, the capuchins name was derived from an offshoot order of monks - the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, after it was noticed that they strongly resembled these brown robed monks when they had their large hoods down.

Capuchin monkeys are very clever and surprisingly easy to train. They are even used as service animals in some parts of the world to help quadriplegics - by being trained to switch lights on or off, helping to open bottles and fetching things that are needed. They are also very popular Exotic pets and are one of the worlds most recognisable monkeys. Capuchins have been used in multiple TV shows and movies, including "Friends" and some of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

Owing to their increased intelligence, even capuchins in the wild - who have not been trained, have been observed using basic tools. Such as using flat rocks to crack open the shells of tough nuts - and even to crack open the shells of crabs and shellfish. They are not very fussy eaters and, being omnivores, they are extremely good at adapting to whatever habitat they find themselves in.

Capuchin monkeys often live in large groups ranging from 10-35 individuals and usually a single male will show himself to be dominant. This means that they have first rights to mating with the females in the group. Socially, in a group, capuchins will groom one another to create contact with one another and socialise. Various calls are used for multiple reasons. These can be to keep in contact with one another, warn about predators and even to come together to create new groups.

capuchin monkeys

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