How to look after a Marmoset Monkey

Tips for Cleaning Your Marmoset's Enclosure

To maintain a clean enclosure, it's important to perform daily spot cleaning.

The Ultimate Guide to Diaper Training Your New Pet Marmoset Monkey

Diaper training your marmoset can significantly simplify your pet care routine and make your bonding experience even more enjoyable.

The Best Toys for Your Pet Marmoset

Marmosets are small, intelligent primates known for their playful and active nature.

bees and how to handle it with primates

Bees are Very Dangerous to Monkeys and if you have a bee problem, you should get professional
Marmoset Monkey

Care and monitoring the progress of your Marmoset baby

Caring for your new baby Marmoset through their first few weeks

Anemia in monkeys

whether they are cooked, raw or even powdered, it is a well known fact that like chocolate, Onions are bad for all varieties of pets

scratch fever in primates

As the name suggests, cat scratch disease (or cat scratch fever) is a bacterial infection

Winter heating for Marmosets and Tamarins

If you experience cold winters, then an alternative heat source for your enclosure and monkeys

Biting and Aggression in New World Monkeys

Aggressive behaviour is a part of being a monkey. it is a natural behaviour and

enclosures for marmosets and tamarins

Space is very important in your Marmoset or Tamarins life. Making sure that you have a big, spacious enclosure outside, as well as an inside cage, is essential
Marmoset Monkey

Marmoset hand rearing guide

How to hand rear a Marmoset Monkey baby.
Marmoset Monkey

Bathing Your Pet Marmoset Monkey: A Gentle and Effective Guide

we provide a comprehensive guide on how to bath your pet marmoset monkey safely and effectively.
Marmoset Monkey

Understanding Why Pet Marmoset Monkeys Bite: Insights and Prevention Tips

Biting is a form of communication and self-defense for marmosets, and it's crucial for owners to be aware of the reasons behind this behavior.
Marmoset Monkey

Keeping Your Pet Marmoset Monkey Happy and Mentally Stimulated

These intelligent and social primates thrive when provided with an environment that stimulates their natural behaviors and engages their curious minds.
Marmoset Monkey

Facts About Pet Marmoset Monkeys: Discover the Wonders of These Adorable Primates

Known for their small size, unique appearance, and lively nature, marmosets have become popular exotic pets..
Marmoset Monkey

The Herpes Simplex Virus and Pet Marmoset Monkeys: Unveiling the "Kiss of Death" Virus

Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is a widely known virus that affects humans, but many people may not be aware of its devastating impact on pet marmoset monkeys.
Marmoset Monkey

Introducing Your Newly Adopted Baby Pet Marmoset Monkey to Your Resident Marmoset Monkey

Bringing a new baby pet marmoset monkey into your home is an exciting and delicate time. When introducing them to your resident marmoset monkey.
Marmoset Monkey

Introducing your baby Marmoset Monkey to solid foods

Baby marmosets, much like human infants, start their lives consuming only milk. In the wild, they nurse from their mothers, but in a home setting, a specially formulated primate milk or Infant milk formula will be their primary source of nutrition during the initial weeks
Marmoset Monkey eating

A Healthy Diet Plan for your Pet Marmoset Monkey

A list of foods for a carefully balanced diet for your Marmoset Monkey
Marmoset Monkey

Marmoset and Tamarin Monkey Emergency Meds

Keep these emergency meds around in case your Marmoset pet have an accident or get sick.

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