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Absolute Exotics SA is a Consultancy and Brand that Specializes in Exotic Animals & how to provide them with Happy & Healthy Pet Lifestyles..

Get ready for an extraordinary journey filled with amazing companionship and responsible pet ownership.

With a strong foundation and core values built on ethics, moral values, compassion for life, integrity, and due care. Our Team is completely dedicated to providing exceptional services that revolves around Animal Care & Exotic Pet Education.


Free Online Information Hub:

Explore our vast collection of over 450+ animal information articles, care guides, and more. Since our information hub's launch in 2020, Absolute Exotics SA has not only become one of the best-rated local animal websites by search engines but also the biggest online animal care platform in South Africa.

Knowledge and Expertise:

Our team at Absolute Exotics SA conducts extensive research and collaborates with sanctuaries, exotic pet owners, breeders, parks, and various non-profit organizations to provide you with correct information, articles, and feeding guides for all types of pets. Furthermore, our team undergoes extensive training in exotic pet care, guaranteeing personalized and knowledgeable support.

Registered Business:

Absolute Exotics SA is a registered business and fully compliant with all relevant local animal laws, adhering to set procedures and practices to ensure consistent premium quality across our animal products, services, and exotic pets. We stand out as the sole exotic animal pet breeder in South Africa following a standard 5-step adoption process. In addition to this, we provide clients with comprehensive documentation, including a detailed purchase agreement that encompasses an invoice for the animal purchase, proof of the animal's origin, and proof of ownership.

Ethical 5-Step Adoption Process:

Over time and through experience, we've perfected an adoption process designed to safeguard our clients and minimize potential risks. Our 5-step adoption process prioritizes safety and transparency, ensuring the well-being of both animals and owners.

Services we provide:


    With more then 450 articles regarding exotic animals & pets from fun facts, general care training, feeding guides & healthy diet plans to behaviour & aggression absolute exotics sa is the biggest local website & source of information. Our team does an extensive amount of research and works hand in hand with sanctuaries ,exotic pet owners, breeders, parks and various other non-profitable organizations, to provide you with the correct information and feeding guides to help to care for all types of pets. If you feel that you can contribute in any way, or provide information that can help in the care of these exotics please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



    Sourcing and adopting a new exotic pet can be a daunting task without the right guidance. Our team here at Absolute Exotics SA has done the hard work for you, we not only breed a variety of exotic animals ourselves but also source from only most reputable breeders South Africa has to offer. Ensuring our clients receive only the best quality bloodlines & paay and ,healthiest animals available locally Our adoption process is meticulously designed to ensure you and your exotic pet thrive. When purchasing an animal through us, you receive a comprehensive package that will set you and your new exotic companion up for a lifetime of happiness. not only has our team has developed an unparalleled 5-step adoption process that prioritizes the well-being of both our clients and their new pets.

    All animals purchased through Absolute Exotics SA also include the following
    • All the required paperwork:
      • Purchase agreement ,Invoice, Proof of origin ,Proof of ownership
    • A complete starter pack:
      • That includes all the Essentials you my require to kickstart your journey from feeding to heating & even a pet carrier
    • A health certificate for your pet:
      • General check-up & Health Certificate by a 3rd party veterinarian conducted just before collection
    • General care training resources:
      • clients are required to attend an In-person training session at Absolute Exotics SA at least 24 hours before adoption
    • A complimentary pet insurance quote:
      • Free pet insurance quote for your exotic pet


    Some Exotic pets may require specialized enclosures. We, at Absolute Exotics SA, can give your new pets room to stretch in a space that's customized to their wants and needs. With your direct input on what you want. We can build a home that makes both you, and your exotic pets, extremely happy.



    We're completely devoted to our animal friends. If any exotic pet are in need, we will endeavour to make sure that we do all we can to help & assist the animal in distress. Our guarantee here at Absolute Exotics SA is that these "rescue" animals will not go back into the market, but will find a new forever home here with us, at foster parents or even if need be at a sanctuary that can cater for the animals needs


    AESA PET FORUM is a platform where pet lovers gather to discuss their exotic babies..., you can chat with other pet owners and experts for advice, information, share experiences and opinions or ask questions. Browse our list of categories to find the right fit for your needs.



    We've joined forces with one of South Africa's leading & most innovative online insurance providers/brands, especially when it comes to pet insurance- and exotic pet insurance - yes, you read correctly, EXOTIC PETS, they cover Primates, Reptiles ,birds and other small mammals too. Ranging from accidental cover, 3rd party damage cover, illness cover, to wellness cover just to name a few. With loads more extra benefits & added value products, like multi pet discounts and funeral support, with our referral program, its the fastest, easiest and most convenient way for our clients to obtain adequate insurance & cover for their pets. For more information regarding different types of insurance, plans ,cover - or a free, no obligation telephonic quote, click the link & one of our friendly exotic pet consultants/representative/brokers will call u as soon as possible, ready to assist with any and all queries.




    AbsoluteExoticsSA's Brand New Free Local Animal & Pet Directory!Our comprehensive directory, soon available on www.absoluteexoticssa.co.za, is your go-to resource for all things related to pets and animals. Whether you're looking for veterinarian services, pet sitters, animal-friendly accommodation, fun activities, or health insurance providers, we've got you covered. We also feature listings for groomers, daycares, trainers, pet-friendly restaurants, venues, businesses, and more.For further details and inquiries, feel free to contact AbsoluteExoticsSA at 076 673 8540 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tuned for the launch of our exciting new directory!

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