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A Lifeline for Exotic Pets: Absolute Exotics SA's Rescue & Rehoming Program

At Absolute Exotics SA, our dedication to animal welfare goes beyond providing exceptional care to exotic pets. We are wholeheartedly committed to rescuing and rehoming exotic animals in need. When an exotic pet finds itself in distress, we make it our mission to ensure their well-being by offering assistance and support. Our unwavering guarantee is that these rescue animals will never go back into the market, but instead, find a new forever home with us, foster parents, or even in a sanctuary better equipped to cater to their specific needs.

Rescue: A Commitment to Animal Welfare

Our rescue and rehoming program exemplifies our deep commitment to the welfare of all animals, including exotic pets. When we become aware of an exotic pet in distress, we spare no effort in extending a helping hand. Whether it is a reptile, bird, mammal, or any other exotic creature, our team works tirelessly to ensure they are removed from harm's way and placed in a safe and nurturing environment.

Providing a Forever Home

Once a rescued exotic pet enters our care, our primary objective is to find them a new forever home. We firmly believe that these animals deserve a second chance at life filled with love, care, and security. Our team carefully evaluates potential adopters to ensure they are well-prepared and capable of providing a suitable environment for the specific needs of each exotic pet.

Foster Parents: A Temporary Haven of Love

In some cases, the journey towards finding a permanent home may require additional time and care. During this transitional phase, we rely on the invaluable support of foster parents who selflessly open their hearts and homes to these rescue animals. Foster parents provide a temporary haven of love and care, enabling the exotic pets to heal, recover, and receive the individual attention they require.

Sanctuaries: Meeting Specialized Needs

While we strive to find forever homes for all our rescue animals, some may have specialized needs that require placement in a sanctuary. These sanctuaries are dedicated to providing long-term care, specialized environments, and expert attention tailored to the unique requirements of each species. Our close partnerships with reputable sanctuaries ensure that the rescue animals entrusted to our program receive the highest quality of care and enrichment throughout their lives.

Educating and Advocating for Exotic Pet Welfare

Our rescue and rehoming program goes beyond the physical act of saving animals. We also aim to educate the public about responsible exotic pet ownership and advocate for the welfare of these unique creatures. By raising awareness and promoting responsible practices, we hope to prevent future instances of animals in distress and ensure the well-being of all exotic pets.

At Absolute Exotics SA, we are proud to operate a rescue and rehoming program that demonstrates our unwavering dedication to the welfare of exotic pets. Through our efforts, we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of these incredible creatures, providing them with a lifeline and an opportunity to thrive. Together, let us create a world where all exotic pets are cherished, protected, and given the love they deserve.

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