How to keep your Cockatoo entertained

Cockatoos are great companion pets, but they can easily become bored. A bored cockatoo can become destructive, so it’s important to keep your bird stimulated. Because cockatoos are so intelligent, keeping them entertained takes some planning, but having a happy bird is very rewarding. Keep your cockatoo entertained by providing an engaging habitat, preventing boredom, and playing with your bird.

Providing an Engaging Habitat

Choose a large cage. A larger cage will allow your bird to fly around and will provide space for perches and toys. Your bird’s cage can never be too large, so chose the biggest one that will fit in your home.
The minimum measurements for a small cockatoo should be 3-feet (.91 meters) by 2-feet (.61 meters) by 5-feet (1.5 meters), while the minimum size for a large cockatoo should be 4-feet (1.22 meters) by 2.5-feet (.72 meters) by 6-feet (1.83 meters).

Provide perches in various sizes and materials.

Provide a minimum of three perches inside your bird’s cage. While at least one perch should be wood, other materials such as rope, plastic, and cement are beneficial. Expect your bird to chew on and destroy its perches, which you will need to regularly replace.
At least one perch should be wood.
Perches should be about the diameter of your bird’s feet when they are closed, though it’s a good idea to provide at least one perch in a different diameter if you have more than three perches in the cage.
Cement perches allow the bird to sand down its claws.

Include interactive toys.

Your bird needs plenty of play options. Cockatoos are intelligent birds that quickly become bored, so toys are a necessity. Plan to keep at least two rotating sets of toys at any given time so that you can change out the toys regularly. This will keep your bird interested.

- Preening toys, such as rope, allow your bird to pick and pull as they would preen another bird. - Foraging toys make your bird work for a treat.
- Shredding toys give your bird something to destroy.
- Chew toys give your bird a safe, nontoxic chewing material to satisfy its need to naw.
- Comfort toys, such as a plush hideaway, provide your bird a place to relax, snuggle, and feel safe.
- Exercise toys give your bird a chance to move around and manipulate the toy.

Give your bird shredding material.

Your bird will love chewing and pulling apart the things in its cage, so give it something to destroy. Provide materials like cardboard, ropes, and wood for your bird to disassemble.

Expect for all of your bird’s perches and toys to get damaged or destroyed because a bored bird can get a bit destructive.

Give your bird puzzle toys to solve for treats.

Keep your bird entertained while in its cage by providing it puzzle toys that make it work for food. Your bird will enjoy solving the puzzle, which will automatically reward it with food.
Puzzle toys can be a great way to entertain your bird while you’re out.

Position the cage so that the bird can see out of the window.

Your bird will enjoy watching out the window. Place the cage where the bird can see out of the window without being directly in front of the window. For example, the cage could be against the wall across from the window or near the window where it can see out at an angle.
Keep your bird out of direct sunlight.
Make sure that the window is not open

Leave on a television or radio.

When you are out, turn on the television or radio to provide your bird with entertainment. Cockatoos love music and may even learn to mimic some of the songs. This will prevent boredom while your bird is home alone.

Provide a swinging rope.

Cockatoos enjoy swinging on branches and ropes. You can easily find swinging ropes that are easily installed in the bird’s cage.