How to keep your Macaw Occupied

Give your macaw lots of attention.

Macaws are social birds and benefit from regular attention and interaction with their owners. A lack of social interaction and stimulation can lead to physical and mental suffering. Be sure to handle and communicate with your macaw multiple times each day.

Let the macaw out of the cage frequently.

Macaws should spend more time out of their cage than in it. These are large birds that need to be able to move around freely and stretch their wings. You can purchase a macaw playground which consists of a tall standing perch, toys, and food and water dishes. Keep this in an enclosed room of your house so that your macaw can spend time outside of the cage. Remove any expensive furniture because macaws can easily scratch and destroy wood with their shop claws and strong beaks. You should also keep other pets away, cover any exposed wires, remove houseplants, and ensure that all doors and windows are securely closed.

Bathe the bird regularly.

In order to bathe a macaw, you should mist the bird with water using a spray bottle or gentle hose. This will help to remove any dirt, dust, or bacteria that may attach to their feathers. This can help prevent respiratory problems and allergies, as well as improve their overall health. After you have bathed your macaw it will dry off naturally.

Clip their feathers.

If you want to prevent your bird from escaping or making it difficult for the bird to fly throughout your home, you can have their flight feathers clipped. Speak with your avian vet about what is best for your bird.

Keep their claws short.

Macaws can cause a lot of damage to your home and possessions if their claws are left long. Have their claws clipped by an avian vet if the claws become overgrown. You can also purchase a concrete perch that can help keep claws short.

Give them toys to keep their beaks short.

Certain hard toys such as mineral blocks and lava blocks should be provided to keep the beak from becoming overgrown or deformed. Macaws will chew on these blocks which will help shave their beaks and keep them short.

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