Marmoset Monkey

hotel etiquette while traveling with your monkey

Hotel Etiquette While Traveling With Your Monkey

by Terrie McCorkle Teague

1 When traveling in & out of the hotel always use a cage or carrier. This minimizes risk of public contact & a accident.

2 When in the room keep leash & diaper on at all times. No free running. We know no matter the species, monkeys can be destructive.

3 When eating never take your babies down to the lobby/eateries. Not everyone wants to be beside a animal no matter how much we love them. Plus it can put those places at risk for being shut down.

4 Always bring a cloth or blanket to place under their cage. This will make clean up much easier.

5 Always bag used diapers & remove from the room when you leave. This cuts down on odor.

6 Make sure your room is clean & picked up before you leave. I travel with a small hand vac to clean up before I check out. If you ask housekeeping they will give you anything to help in cleaning up. I even bring a spray air freshener to use just before I leave.

7 Leave a tip & note thanking your housekeeper for good service even if you didn’t require cleaning during your stay.

Remember it’s up to us to make a good lasting impression of what a responsible primate owner does. By doing this hopefully we will be welcomed back the next time.