Marmoset Monkey

enclosures for marmosets and tamarins

What Type of Enclosure you should have:

Space is very important in your Marmoset or Tamarins life. Making sure that you have a big, spacious enclosure outside, as well as an inside cage, is essential. Being able to connect the two enclosures, to create one that is both inside And outside, is also an ideal option. Outside enclosures are especially essential, as it is important that your Marmoset, or Tamarin, gets daily access to Direct Sunlight, to give them natural Vit D and help with Calcium absorption. An inside cage, or sleeping cage, is important for when it gets cold in the evenings, or to protect them from harsh weather. It also helps to make your monkey feel like part of the family when they are inside and around you.

Why do you need an enclosure:

An enclosure is a safe environment for your Marmoset, or Tamarin. Their enclosure will signify security for them, and a space that they can hide if they get frightened. Your monkey can also be very destructive if they are given free reign of your living environment, and cause a lot of damage. Having a safe and secure area to put your marmoset, or tamarin, is also very important for those times that you have to leave the house to go shopping, or go somewhere that is not primate - or animal - friendly.

How big should your Enclosure be:

V Marmosets and Tamarins are extremely active and enjoy jumping. It is very important that your enclosure allows for enough space for them to jump about freely and without hinderance. Exercise is extremely important, and an enclosure that is too small can lead to your monkey gaining excessive weight, and running the risk of developing diabetes or heart diseases.

The minimum dimensions for a Marmoset/Tamarin enclosure should be at least 2mx2mx2m, and made with the correct mesh size - 25mmx25mm. This will ensure that there is enough jumping and running space for your monkey and keep the enclosure secure, with less risk for escaping. Making sure that your Enclosure has the maximum amount of Height is also very important, as most monkeys feel safer if they are sitting high up.

Make sure that feeding trays and water bottles are easily accessible, not only to your monkeys, but also placed in such a way that anyone who has to, would be able to put food and water into the cage without running the risk of recieving a bite. If your outside enclosure is Not connected to your inside one, then it may be beneficial to make sure that it has a double door entrance, to reduce the chance of your monkey jumping out and past you when you open the door.

What should you have in your Enclosure:

Make sure that you have a lot of activities in your enclosure to keep your Marmoset, or Tamarin, happy. Also make sure that you change the layout of your cage on a regular basis, to avoid any boredom to set in. Ropes, bridges, swings, platforms, branches from safe trees, hammocks and even monkey friendly plants are all good items to have for them to explore and play with, as well as blankets and toys to play with. Hanging a swimming pool net, or a tyre or drum, to the top of the enclosure can also ensure that you don't have any "dead space", and maximize all of the available areas.

Cleaning your Enclosure:

Your enclosure should be cleaned on a regular basis, preferably at least twice a week. This not only helps to get rid of any old food that may have been thrown around, but also gives you the opportunity to change the layout on a regular basis. Make sure that you disinfect any cement flooring in your enclosure and keep all your monkey toys and blankets clean and hygenic.

If you are in any need of assistance with the setting up of an enclosure, we are here to assist you.