Marmoset Monkey

Anemia in monkeys

Anemia in caused by onions

whether they are cooked, raw or even powdered, it is a well known fact that like chocolate, Onions are bad for all varieties of pets and prolonged ingestion (i.e every day) can cause anemia. This is most especially important for monkeys, as they have tiny bodies.

Anemia is a severe condition where there is a significant decrease in the body's ability to produce Red Blood Cells. Anemia may take years to develop to a point where it shows any signs, but its effects are often irreversable.

Red Blood Cells (RBC's) are responsible for the transportation of Oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our bodies. RBC's - which are also known as Erythrocytes - carry this lifegiving oxygen in a molecule called Hemoglobin.

Terms that you may come into contact with in the case of anemia are:

Hemolysis - the destruction of Red blood cells. This leads to the loosing of hemoglobin into the blood stream

Hemolytic is a term that is used to describe something that destroys the RBC's in the blood stream.

Oxidants - which create "unstable compounds", by stealing electrons from other compounds when they are exposed to RBC's, and leave them damaged. This can lead to Heinz-body changes in the blood. These are IRREVERSABLE

Heinz-body: "a cellular inclusion in red blood cells that consist of damaged aggregated haemoglobin and is associated with some forms of hemolyticanemia.
Just because your monkey is not showing any signs of illness, does Not mean that they are not exhibiting unseen symptoms.