Marmoset Monkey

bees and how to handle it with primates

Bees are Very Dangerous to Monkeys and if you have a bee problem, you should get professional help.

Here are a few useful tips to keep bees away from your monkey children..

Sweet foods will attract bees to your monkeys cages, and even if you are not feeding it to them in their outside cages, the smell of it on your monkeys face and hands may still attract bees to them. Adding a little bit of vinegar to any water that is outside, such as birdbaths ( around 5-7ml to each 500ml), will make it unpalatable to bees..

A few mothballs - kept in a plastic bottle that has had holes punched into it, hung around the yard, and making sure that all of your garbage bins are properly sealed, are also helpful tips to keep bees away..

Planting mint, red dianthus, geraniums and marigolds around your outside cages will all help to deter bees from the area. Cinnamon is also a good deterrent, so scattering a bit around your cages may help..

Always remember that it is not advisable to provoke bees and if it is a serious problem, it is always better to seek professional help.